Each pair is unique, customized to fit your frame. Instantly turn your spectacles into prescription sunglasses.

Lightweight: Weighs about 6 grams.
• UV400: Blocks 100% UVA and UVB rays.
• Polarized: Reduces unwanted glare reflecting off roads, car parts, water and snow.
• Lifetime Warranty: Covers bad workmanship and mechanical failure for as long as you keep the clip on.

Custom Clip On

Custom Clip On 3


1. Choose Bridge And Lenses
Custom Clip On 4
Custom Clip On 5
Custom Clip On 6
Custom Clip On 7
Custom Clip On 8

2. Upload Images


3. Frame Information

  • 7% off when buying 2 pairs
    10% off when buying 3 or more
    Applies to any combination
Custom Clip On 9
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