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3DClips™ – Custom Clip On Sunglasses


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✔ 30-days Money-Back Guarantee 
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✔ Limited Lifetime Warranty

Each pair of clip on sunglasses is made to order, customized to fit your frame. Instantly turn your spectacles into prescription sunglasses.

✔ Compatibly: All shapes, eyeglasses type (plastic, metal, semi rimless and rimless) and size (eye size 30-61 mm)
✔ Lightweight: Weighs about 6 grams. Won't drag your glasses
✔ UV400: Full protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays
✔ Polarized: Reduces unwanted glare reflecting off roads, car parts, water and snow
✔ Lifetime Warranty: Covers bad workmanship and mechanical failure for as long as you keep the clip on
✔ Shipping: Worldwide via USPS

77 reviews for 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses

  1. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 18

    Anna (verified owner)

    fantastic workmanship, will be returning customers.

  2. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 19

    richard callebaut (verified owner)

  3. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 20

    Emily Leonard (verified owner)

    At first I was concerned with ClipOnExpress because of delayed communication. However at the end of the experience the customer service was much better. The product is amazing and fits perfectly. Very excited that I happened upon this company accidentally

  4. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 21

    Keith (verified owner)

    The clip-on sunglasses are great!
    However, customer service was terrible. Or should I say non existent. I tried numerous times using their system and no reply, after no reply.

  5. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 22

    Gregory Lousignont (verified owner)

    Patience. That’s all you need to get perfect clip-ons. I have ordered at least 12 pairs of clip-ons over several years. And it takes a while to get them made because perfection takes time. In addition to which I might add their lifetime warranty is golden. Two times I have had Clip Ons break and sent them in, they were replaced no problems no charge. I have sent them some of the weirdest frames that I have bought from international companies. You would never be able to find over the counter clip-ons to fit these frames. I sent them to Clip-on Express and got back absolutely perfect Clip-ons. I get so many positive comments. Where dd you ever get those glasses? Did they come with Clip-Ons? No I had the clip-ons custom made and so can you. Also, do yourself a favor. Order three clip-ons, That way you have a pair for each car, and an additional pair for being out in your yard. If a pair does break you have extras so you don’t have to squint waiting for the repair.

  6. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 23

    Britton (verified owner)

    Overall, I like these and feel that they are priced reasonably. However, I do wish that I had ordered the spring model instead of the magnet model. On my particular design, the shape is very close, but not exactly the same shape as the glasses. The result is that it can be difficult to get the magnetic part to seat fully and they can tend to sag, or even fall off if they are not fully seated. I think the spring loaded model would have avoided this issue. Overall though, they are a worthwhile product.

  7. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 24

    Josh (verified owner)

    Very good product but delivery time was way off ordered for a vacation and I received them after we got back a month later

  8. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 25

    Scott K. (verified owner)

    I love my clipons

  9. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 26

    Richard Melnik (verified owner)

    Lens is fine but it took over 2 months to get it and only after I complained to my bank credit card

  10. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 27

    David (verified owner)

    Great fit, and like how dark they are. Easy to slip on and off. Wish there would have been better communication during the whole process, which took longer than expected.

  11. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 28

    James Bryan (verified owner)

    To be determined. One pair broke the second time I put it on. Waiting to hear back from customer service. Neither pair fit great. JNB

  12. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 29

    Robert M. (verified owner)

    I love these custom cut cip ons!

  13. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 30

    Stuart W. (verified owner)

    I love these. Came out great, look great, prompt delivery. I’ve had them only a few weeks, they seem durable, but I can report back in the future

  14. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 31

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Customer service is terrible. I ordered the the sunglasses and it took almost 4 weeks for them to arrive. I contacted them twice and go no response. I called my credit card company because I was beginning to think i got scammed. The product finally arrived and they are wonderful. Just wish the customer service was better.

  15. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 32

    Mike Duddy (verified owner)

    Shipping took too long because I had no idea it would take a month to get them. The coating on the bridge came off already. I do like the idea that I can wear my glasses and am able to see.

  16. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 33

    Gerry B. (verified owner)

    I was hoping these custom made clip on’s would have a very precise and close fitting, hoping to then purchase another pair, however I was disappointed as the clip on’s I received are loose and constantly falling off as I am only sitting driving my car.
    So I will continue to look for a product that works for me!

  17. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 34

    Robert (verified owner)

    They went the extra mile for me, for sure! It has been one week and I’m very happy with the results, so far.

  18. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 35

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    The clip-ons seem pretty good. Not a perfect fit, but workable. Haven’t used them much, as I started using a different pair of glasses as my primary glasses. Customer service is not good at all. The process took significantly longer than advertised, with no communication, and I got no response to multiple attempts to contact.

  19. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 36

    Mark L. (verified owner)

    Product is great – service is very slow & not very responsive. Expect your order to arrive in 4-5 weeks, but it’s well customized to your glasses and worth the wait in my opinion.

  20. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 37

    randall phillips (verified owner)

    long delay to get product, even after received shipping email. wasn’t given to USPS for another week. When it arrives it did not fit correctly. Doesn’t stay on the glasses well.

  21. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 29

    Robert McCloskey (verified owner)

    The end product is great! Good quality and well made. Perfect custom fit for your frames. Just be prepared to wait a month or longer for delivery. Also, there is zero communications from them regarding order status while they make you wait. Regardless, I like them so much I ordered a pair for my wife.

    UPTATE: Today, June 3rd, 2022 my yellow clipons broke! This is the 3rd time wearing them. I used the “contact us” link on their website and suggest they send me a couple of replacement clips and I’ll repair them myself. I really hope they stand behind their products. I’ll keep you posted…..

    UPDATE 2: I was contacted by a rep via email the next day! He apologized, and stated he already sent me several spare clips in the package with my wife’s order. He also gave me detailed, step by step instructions as to how to replace the broken clip. Made in America, and standing behind their products! I’m a happy customer!

  22. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 39

    Stephen Stanard (verified owner)

    This was my 3rd or 4th purchase from Clip-on Express. I’ve always liked the product so when I got my new glasses I wanted to order right away. COE helped me with my initial order to find the precise settings to input into the system. Customer Service with my order was great. Unfortunately it took almost 2 months for me to receive the order, and it required multiple inquiries on my part to make it happen. I never got an explanation as to why it took so long. When I received the order, I was disappointed. The lens hooks and middle connection and even the case are all plastic, not metal as they used to be. Obviously cheaper to make this way but they not as custom this way either. They work and cover the lenses, but the magnets in the middle only touch if I tilt the lenses down. If the connection in the middle is straight across, then the magnets don’t touch at all. See photos attached. All that said I’m using them and they’re great for sunny California weather. I just wish the quality was what they used to be.

  23. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 40

    Albert van Paddenburg (verified owner)

    Swift response, fast delivery and a perfect fit. Recommended!

  24. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 41

    Brenda (verified owner)

    These are the best sunglasses I have ever purchased. It is so hard to find the perfect pair of clip ons for regular glasses. These fit perfectly and are so easy to apply. When I need another pair, guess where I will go?

  25. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 42

    Mark Kreis (verified owner)

    Needed these clip on sunglasses in a hurry for a Canadian fishing trip and they came through!

  26. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 43

    Sharon Hansen (verified owner)

    I have ordered clipons several times and all have fit my glasses perfectly.

  27. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 44

    Melissa H. (verified owner)

    PROS: The clip-ons fit my glasses well and the spring-loaded clip holds them securely while making it easy to get them on and off.
    CONS: They’re expensive given the materials even if they are custom-made. Took over six weeks after ordering to receive them.

  28. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 45

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    It took weeks to acknowledge my order and weeks to receive. So far product functions as advertised.

  29. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 46

    Annette Beers (verified owner)

    I have not received my order and no one responded to my email inquiry 2 weeks ago.

  30. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 47

    Dale L. (verified owner)

    very pleased it was a perfect it, yet i ordered another yellow polarized pair great job

  31. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 48

    Kendall S. (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase. I would have given them 5 stars, but the clipons were just a little big at the bottom. The fit on the top and sides were perfect. But, since they did not have my glasses (only photos), they did a great job. The price was very fair considering my optometrist wanted $150 for custom clipons. I would use them again if needed.

  32. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 49

    Robert R. (verified owner)

    Very happy. I purchased two gray clip-on (normal and dark gray) and I’ve been very happy with both. I MIGHT even order another pair that are the transition type…..overall very happy.

  33. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 50

    Cathy W. (verified owner)

    They fit perfect, I was just hoping the grey lenses would have been a lighter grey

  34. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 51

    Irene (verified owner)

    Love these! My glasses are so old that I didn’t even have the model number. You guys are miracle workers! The clip ons came out perfectly. I’ll be ordering multiple pairs now!

  35. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 52

    David M. (verified owner)

    Love the clipons but took a lot longer than 14 days. Was it worth the wait? Yes.

  36. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 53

    Andrew P. (verified owner)

    One of the clips broke off of the clip ons. Otherwise, they fit and looked great. Repaired at no cost

  37. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 54

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Got what I paid for

  38. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 55

    Steve (verified owner)

    It took almost 3 months to be delivered and the came in damaged.

  39. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 56

    MIchael H. (verified owner)

    Work well, fit nicely

  40. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 57

    Joel (verified owner)

    I am not as pleased with my most recent purchase of clipons as my last. My prior order fit much better than the recent order. The tinted lens DOES completely cover and shade my lens. However, I am disappointed at the way the plastic trim at the top of my glasses is not covered and prominently protrudes. My clipons for my other glasses covered the frame. To be fair, I could never buy a set off the rack at Walmart or CVS to fit my newer frames, so these are better than nothing.

  41. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 57

    Joel W. (verified owner)

    This is my third order of clip ons. I always order one pair and if the fit is good I order more in various shades of colors. My newest glasses have frames that are much thicker at the top than the bottom. Clipon Express nailed it. The fit is snug and sizing is perfect, so I sent in a follow up order. The only downside is the 6 week turnaround time, but I can live with that.

  42. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 59

    Lise A. (verified owner)

    Great quality custom made after market clip on

  43. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 60

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Sunglasses fit my glasses fairly well. Order to receipt of package was slowwww!

  44. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 61

    Bruce S. (verified owner)

    Good pricing. Excellent communication and follow up. I had a minimal problem when I first pair. After contacting the company, I was instructed to return the clip on’s which I did. When I received them back, the corrections were perfect. I would without hesitation, I would recommend Clipiponexpress.

  45. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 62

    George Sidawy (verified owner)

    I loved it. You did a good job.

  46. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 63

    Colyn (verified owner)

    Best clipons

  47. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 64

    C.E. Graham (verified owner)

    Outstanding. Could not be more pleased with my sun clips. Easy to attach, love the tint and really can not even tell they are clip ones.

  48. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 65

    Sidney O. (verified owner)

    Perfect fit! And good quality. Will definitely order from Cliponexpress again. But be aware…it took 7 weeks and 2 days from the time I ordered until I received them. Not sure if that’s typical.

  49. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 66

    Suzanne (verified owner)

    Arrived too late for my vacation…took nearly a month to receive. These are pretty useless in full sun outdoors, driving is only slightly better. Sunlight comes in from the top and sides which is murder on your eyes as they are dilated looking through the front of the shade…I got the dark grey which is VERY dark. The only way these would be truly effective would be if you had a curved/wrap around frame like sunglasses for your regular glasses. My only option now is to look into prescription sunglasses from Oakley.

  50. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 67

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Your product is excellent but delivery time is way too long.

  51. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 68

    Jeff M. (verified owner)

    Worth the wait! they fit perfectly!

  52. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 69

    Lanie (verified owner)

    The clip on is great seems to be sturdier than the last pair I had gotten about 2 years ago. It just took a lot longer to get them. They were ordered on 4/19 and received on 6/9.

  53. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 70

    Barbara K. (verified owner)

    The clips ones are great. One pair broke shortly after receiving it and they fixed it for me. Just know that it will take quite a bit longer than the website indicates, more like 4-6 weeks minimum. But once received, a great product!

  54. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 71

    Jeannie LeVine (verified owner)

    I love them… they fit my glasses exactly!!

  55. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 72

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    The clip ons are a little big, but they stay on so far. It took 2 months to receive them, so not sending them back. I had a pair made at a keyosk in Las Vegas a few years ago. They keep your glasses for about 1/2 hour and are done. I loved them, but no place close to get that done.

  56. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 73

    Lizzie Jones (verified owner)

    I love them, they are my third pair!

  57. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 59

    Lise A. (verified owner)

    Clipon express has a great product! Best after market clip on. They are custom made and do not look like an after thought.

  58. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 25

    Scott K. (verified owner)

    Very nice

  59. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 76

    Joanne A. (verified owner)

    perfect fit, perfect function!

  60. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 77

    Monica Jimenez (verified owner)

    I like my new clip on sunglases.

  61. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 78

    Lanette Fyksen (verified owner)

    First pair took a month to get and were too large. They responded right away asking for more pics and remade. Second pair came fast and are a great fit.

  62. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 79

    Hamilton Lempert (verified owner)

    Product is great (non-polarized). Fits perfectly. Delivery took much longer than expected. That is the only reason for the 4 as opposed to 5 stars.

  63. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 80

    Mike Gaddis (verified owner)

    Slow delivery but a well made clip on

  64. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 81

    Nancy T. (verified owner)

    This the third time I have ordered for 3 different pairs of glasses. All have fitted perfectly! So easy to send in pics and order.

  65. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 82

    Paul S. (verified owner)

    You all make it easy. Also, inexpensive and good looking!

  66. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 83

    ERMA WADDELL (verified owner)

    Very slow service!! Pleased with the quality, etc. but having to wait for over a month for the product seemed a bit too long.

  67. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 84

    Jeffrey Chase (verified owner)

    It takes a long time to receive the order

  68. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 85

    norman b. (verified owner)

    I would have awarded 5 stars had the product not been delayed. However the actual clip on sunglasses exceeded my expectations and I would use you again for any future requirements without hesitation. Also despite the delays I also give you high marks for effective communications along the way. Furthermore I would recommend your services to anyone with similar needs.

  69. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 86

    Deborah Miller (verified owner)

    It took 5 weeks to receive my order but when I did, I was sooooo pleased. These clip on’s fit my glasses perfectly. Very lightweight. They were well worth the wait! Thank you guys!!

  70. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 87

    Glen (verified owner)

    good quality, a little pricey but worth it because I couldn’t find any clip-on sunglasses anywhere that would fit my new glasses.

  71. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 88

    Sarah Wolfe (verified owner)

    The product is great and fits perfectly on my existing glasses. Thank you for that! Shipping took a very long time, but I understand the times and that you are a small business, so though I waited a long time, I do not place all the blame on you. Mailing delays, COVID, the fact you’re a small business. I get it. Thank you!

  72. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 89

    Edward (verified owner)

    The second time I wore the clip on both metal connectors between one lens and my glasses broke off. Totally a worthless ripoff.

  73. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 90

    Andy (verified owner)

    I had my doubts but was very happy with the results.

  74. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 91

    minh thai (verified owner)

    I love the design. I received my clip on but did not fit. Company emailed me on 11/02/20 and promised to send me a new pair of clip on. Today is 11/27/20 I am still waiting for them. I emailed the company many times without response. They do not have phone number either.

  75. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 92

    Theresa (verified owner)

    Took longer to arrive than expected, but company was responsive to my request for an update. USPS tracking didn’t update, which is not the company’s fault.

    Lenses fit perfectly. It took a while to get comfortable with the magnetic bridge, but now I can get the lenses on and off quickly.

    Overall a much better alternative to standard clip ons.

  76. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 57

    Joel (verified owner)

    I have always preferred Klik frames for my glasses. I am on my 4th pair in 8 years. For my most recent pair, I was unable to find a pair of standard clip-ons that fit. Custom Clip On Sunglasses have been an excellent solution. I bought one pair as a trial and immediately ordered two more pairs. Now I have one pair in my backpack and a pair in each vehicle. They kept all my info. (pictures of glasses,frame size, etc.) on file, so reordering was a breeze! I am pleased with the fit, quality and the price. Fortunately I have numerous cases from my prior store bought units that I can use for protection. I am already a repeat customer and would recommend the product to anyone who cannot find a fit from an off the rack product!

  77. 3DClips™ - Custom Clip On Sunglasses 94

    Gary G. (verified owner)

    They fit perfect- took a little while but worth it!

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