We Make Custom Clip On Sunglasses

  • – Compatible with all frame types
  • – Easy to order without mailing your frame
Magnetic bridge clip-on sunglasses
Spring bridge clip on sunglasses with gray lenses over Calvin Klein CK7739, on top of a case
Features and benefits of custom clip on sunglasses

What Our Customers Say About Our Clip On Sunglasses

Bridges For Clip On Sunglasses

The Magnetic bridge offers a stylish look and each one is deigned and 3D printed in-house. The spring-loaded bridge offers superior grip and it’s easy to use. Click on Bridges for more information.


Magnetic bridge clip-on sunglasses


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How To Order Clip On Sunglasses For Your Frame

Mailing a frame in order to get custom clip on sunglasses isn’t possible for most, so we developed a manufacturing process that requires 3 images you can take with a smartphone and sizes that are either printed or engraved on the frame. Click here to learn How Does It Work


Front view of the left lens, used to create a pattern for custom clip-on sunglasses


Top view of the frame, used to determine the curve of the matching clip-on sunglasses


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Lenses for Clip On Sunglasses

We use Polarized TAC (Triacetate) lenses. They block 100% UVA and UVB rays and are known to have no optical distortion. Click on Lenses to learn more and view testing results.

Dark Gray Lens Blank For Custom Clip On Sunglasses
Dark Gray - 6% Light transmission
Gray Lens Blank For Custom Clip On Sunglasses
Gray - 16% Light transmission
Brown Lens Blank For Custom Clip On Sunglasses
Brown - 22% Light Transmission