Easily Order Custom Clip On Sunglasses

Compatible with all eyeglass types

Customized to fit shape, size and thickness

You don’t need to mail your eyeglasses


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Bridges For Clip On Sunglasses

Magnetic – Starting @ $49

– A custom 3D printed magnetic bridge.

– Works with all eyeglass types including plastic frames, rimless and semi rimless.

– No modification to your glasses is needed.

Clip on sunglasses with magnetic bridge over plastic frames

Spring – Starting @ $39

– Secured spring-loaded bridge.

– Both work with eyeglasses made by brands like Warby Parker, Oakley, Ray-Ban, Nike, Zenni and many more.

Clip on sunglasses with spring loaded bridge over plastic frame

Lenses For Clip On Sunglasses

– 12 different lenses to choose from

– Polarized and non-polarized 

– Blue Blockers

– All lenses block UVA & UVB


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