Frequently Asked Questions


What type of frames can you make custom clip on sunglasses for?

Our clip-ons can be made to fit all frame type, including: thin and thick plastic, rimless, semi-rimless and metal.

Can you make custom clip on sunglasses for children’s frames?

Yes, the smallest eye size we can accommodate is 30mm.

Does the magnetic bridge work with plastic frames?

Yes. Our magnetic clip on doesn’t magnetize to the frame. The magnets are inside bridge:

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Where can I find the model name/number?

This information is also printed on the frame. Some brands use a number as a model, others use a name. Most model numbers look like the one in the picture: 2 letters followed by 4 numbers. Usually there will be some more numbers or letters that represent the frame color: this information isn’t relevant.



What is the turnaround time?


Free Shipping: 3-4 weeks.

Priority: 6 to 8 business days.


Varies by country.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to any country USPS ships to. you can view the list of countries here.


Are the lenses Polarized? Do they have UV protection?

We use Polarized TAC lenses that block 99.9% of the UV spectrum, also known as UV400. We also offer non-Polarized lenses.