Considering the massive variety of eyeglasses available nowadays, finding a premade pair of clip on sunglasses that will fit your frame or a frame that comes with a matching pair that you really like, may be challenging.

Shopping for a pair that fits and answers all your needs will take time.

Let’s go over 3 good reasons to buy custom clip on sunglasses.

1. Freedom To Choose Any Frame

Only some frames come with a matching pair of clip on sunglasses. What if the frame that you like doesn’t come with one? Well, you don’t have to settle, there are plenty of options to get custom clip on sunglasses. You can choose any frame you want and a custom pair will be fabricated for for them. 

While some available options will require you to go to an optical dispensary or mail your frame, it’s possible to order custom clip on sunglasses by taking photos of the frame instead using a smartphone or a digital camera.

Custom clip on sunglasses for rimless eyeglasses

2. Perfect Fit

What are the chances of finding a premade clip on that fits the frame you have or want? Each case is different. Your frame may have special features or a unique shape.

A good pair of custom clip on sunglasses will match the shape of the frame, it’s thickness and curve. If one lens is thicker than the other it will be taken into consideration.

Make sure to choose the lens color you want and need. If you like to fish, consider getting polarized lenses. They reduce glare which will help you see through the water. If you’re a pilot and can’t read the instruments with polarized lenses you may want to go with non polarized lenses.

It feels great to wear shoes or clothes that fit you. Same with custom clip on sunglasses, they look great and fit just right.

Here’s a partial list of vendors that can fabricate custom clip ons for your frame:

  • E-clips
  • The clip-on guys
  • Chemistrie
  • 88clipon
  • Profilo clip-on
Custom clip on sunglasses for plastic eyeglasses

3. It’s Better For The Environment 

Each pair is made to order therefore the exact amount of material is used. Mass production requires more energy and materials and creates more waste since most certainly not all the was produced will be used eventually.

You’ll find a stand with clip-ons in many retail outlets. It takes a significant amount

Having what you want and need while being considerate towards the environment is pretty simple.

Custom clip on sunglasses for plastic eyeglasses

In Conclusion

You don’t have to comprised or spend too much if you want sunglasses protection. Buy any frame that you like, a custom pair of clip ons can be made for them.

Now it’s easier than ever to get a pair, if you have a smartphone or a digital camera you can connect to a computer with internet connection.

By making an online order, you’ll save time and conserve energy.

Do you have a special reason to buy custom clip on sunglasses? Leave your comment below.