Whether you pull them out on a warm summer day, a night out to your favorite club, or just to lounge around your house, it’s evident that sunglasses are some of the most casual-yet-fashionable design pieces you can wear. As a bonus, genius inventions like polarized clip on sunglasses make it all the easier for anyone to take advantage of this stylish, simple item. 

Still, did you know that some of your favorite celebrities rocked a pair of clip on sunglasses for themselves? Stay tuned because we’re about to take you down a road of star-studded style.  

1. James Dean in “Giant” (1956)

Perhaps one of the most suave actors to grace movie screens in the past century, James Dean is a staple in cinema history. As such, the pair of custom clip on sunglasses he wears in the 1956 flick, “Giant,” prove how impressive the fashion piece can be. 

James Dean in “Giant” (1956) With Clip On Sunglasses

2. Jack Nicholson in “Easy Rider” (1969) 

The warm American air, open road, loud motorcycles, and iconic polarized clip on sunglasses were all Jack Nicholson needed to establish “Easy Rider” as one of the essential films of the past few decades. 

Jack Nicholson As George Hanson In The 1969 Movie Easy Rider, with clip on sunglasses.

3. Kadeem Hardison in “A Different World” (1987-1993)  

This “Cosby Show” spinoff featured no shortage of laughs, drama, and TV moments to remember. Still, we bet you also remember the fact that one of its stars, Kadeem Hardison, regularly rocked a pair of flip up clip on sunglasses! 

Kadeem Hardison As Dwayne In The 1987-1993 Tv Sitcom A Different World with clip on sunglasses

4. James Spader in “Stargate” (1994)

The first entry in the “Stargate” franchise featured science fiction thrills, chills, and James Spader looking stylish in his pair of custom clip on sunglasses.  


Kadeem Hardison As Dwayne In The 1987-1993 Tv Sitcom A Different World with clip on sunglasses

5. John Lennon for the Lennon Legend CD Cover (1997) 

Though this musical genius may have been stolen from us too soon, it’s evident that his spirit will always live on: Fans can carry on his legacy with the Lennon Legend CD, featuring the artist rocking a pair of clip on sunglasses.

John Lennon with clip on sunglasses

6. Joe Pantoliano in “The Matrix” (1999) 

Red pill or blue pill? Well, you might never need to make such a crucial decision in the real world, but you can choose to rock the same polarized clip on sunglasses Joe Pantoliano wears in this iconic sci-fi flick. 


Joe Pantoliano with clip on sunglasses

7. Meryl Streep in “Adaptation” (2002)

This comedy-drama film featured a star-studded cast, but perhaps no one was as memorable as Meryl Streep appearing on screen with her clip on sunglasses. 



Meryl Streep As Susan Orlean In The 2002 Movie Adaptation with clip on sunglasses

8. Alfred Molina in “Spiderman 2” (2004)

Who said a mad scientist couldn’t try to take over New York City and look stylish in the process? Alfred Molina’s villainous character in “Spiderman 2” enjoys the best of both worlds by rocking a pair of polarized clip on sunglasses Peter Parker could only dream of pulling off. 



Alfred Molina As Dr Otto Octavius In The 2004 Movie Spiderman 2 with clip on sunglasses

9. Elijah Wood for the Oliver Peoples Ad Campaign (2010) 

Our favorite “Lord of the Rings” hobbit took to the small screen with his TV ad for Oliver Peoples, which featured him looking handsome in some flip up custom clip on sunglasses.



Elijah Wood with flip up clip on sunglasses

10. Willie Nelson for the John Varvatos Ad Campaign (2013) 

This iconic American musician, actor, and activist was featured in 2013’s John Varvatos ad campaign with a pair of polarized clip on sunglasses, reminding us that even an 80-year-old can pull off the latest fashion trends.  

Willie Nelson with clip on sunglasses

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