These fit & work very well. I ordered these because the online site I ordered my prescription glasses from was not able to make the glasses with Transition lenses due to the high index lenses I ordered. I especially like that they are very clear and do not blur your vision like the cheap pharmacy type. I would order these again if needed.


I am very impressed with the accuracy from the 3 photos I sent them. Perfect match. Very nice turn around time (about 12 days from order to mailbox). Easy to put together and take apart for storage in a very nice case. Would highly recommend.


These are fantastic! I followed the instructions online to order and the the clip-ons arrived and fit perfectly.


I bought my magnetic clip-ons from the company’s website ([…]) rather than through Amazon, so my review doesn’t say “verified purchase.” I paid the same price as is listed here on Amazon.

The magnetic clip-ons fit my glasses really well and are very good quality. The design is clever–instead of a metal spring across the bridge of the clip-ons, each lens of the clip-ons is a separate piece that you place over your glasses and snap together with the magnet over the bridge of your nose. They look fantastic. You must use both hands to attach them to your glasses, though, which can be a challenge if you’re going outside with your hands full. Even holding the case that the clip-ons come with and putting the clip-ons on your glasses at the same time can be a challenge. I’ve owned cheap clip-ons that I could put on my glasses with one hand. These definitely don’t work that way. They are also easy to dislodge. Although the magnet is very strong for its size, I have bumped my clip-ons and have had to catch them as they fell off my glasses. I have to be extra careful when blowing my nose while wearing them, for example.


I ordered my pair directly from the cliponexpress website, though I did use Amazon Payments to submit my payment.

As others have mentioned, patience is required; I ordered my pair on May 30 and received them on June 18. It took a couple of days to get a response after leaving a voice mail and sending a couple of emails asking for status, but when they did respond (by email), they indicated that it would ship that day and provided the tracking info in the response.

Once received, I was impressed that they fit the exact shape of my eyeglass frames; they look and fit great. I did take great care to follow their instructions exactly when taking pictures of my frames to submit with my order, as I did not want to repeat the order process. The brown tint noticeably increases contrast and the lenses do not introduce any optical distortion that I can see. Regarding the quality: I disagree with some reviewers who say the quality is only okay; my opinion is that these have a nice quality feel to them; yes they are thin, but they wouldn’t really work very well as clip-ons if they weren’t thin.

As others have also mentioned, the disadvantage to this design is that you need two hands to attach and detach them from your glasses. Not a big deal for me so far, but I only received mine a couple of days ago, so my opinion may change with additional use and experience. The clips and magnetic attachment seems very secure.

These provide everything I could ask for in a pair of custom clip-on sunglasses (good looks, great fit, secure attachment and great optical quality); definitely recommended – just be patient after ordering!


My prescription glasses are too thick for regular clip on sunglasses, so I was looking for custom sunglasses that could be made to fit very think rimless eyeglasses. Voila! I found these. I ordered them on February 2, 2016 and, after posting a question about shipping time, they arrived February 22, 2016. Very much worth the wait!

These sunglasses fit my glasses perfectly. I’m so very pleased with them. They are light-weight, which is important to me since my glasses are already so thick and heavy on my face. They easily clip on my glasses and fix the glare on a sunny day.

I would order them again.

Customer service is very good once you figure out how to contact them. They said it ordinarily does not take so long to for shipment.

I sent them very specific information about my eyeglasses type and size, as well as photographs taken on a white background, and they needed no other information.

Easy. 🙂 I LOVE my magnetic custom clip on sunglasses!

Amazon customer