How does it work?

How magnetic works How magnetic works
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Strong magnets are installed inside the bridge portion,

which splits in half. When the magnets are close enough,

they will attract each other and transform the bridge

into a single piece. 4 prongs wrap around the frame/lens

to create a secured grip.

Magnetic mount

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By using a magnetic mount, we create a secured and

stable grip, that does not cause pressure to your eyewear,

yet it is strong enough to hold the clip on while you

preform activities such as running, cycling or driving with

your windows open.


Frame Compatibility

Best fit:

- Any shape

- Any material


Choose Classic instead:

- Double bridge frame

uv400rProvides 100% protection from UVA & UVB rays

polarizedrEliminates up to 99% of glare that reflects of shiny surfaces

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